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Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy Character Wall Hangings by Kakubei

doug and karen “Our home is a unique combination of Asian tradition and modern California. We needed a piece for our entryway that would reveal this upon opening our front door, yet we looked for years before finding the right piece. Roxane Simon’s amazing “Promise” - which has hung in the Tokyo … Museum/Gallery, was the perfect fit. When we hung it, it’s perfect grace was revealed in the light of the subtle coloring, the beauty of the hand-made rice paper laid upon the richness of the silk, and the exquisite Chinese calligraphy masterly painted, not only has fulfilled our dreams of the perfect entry wall hanging, but also draws attention to the power of grace and beauty in a professional piece of art.” 

Doug and Karen W.
Laguna Beach, CA.

john and marie We met Roxane while we were on an ex-pat assignment in Tokyo and we became fast friends. During that time, we learned that Roxane was studying to become a Chinese Master. The process is long and arduous. Roxane's dedication and creativity always impressed us. After our return to the states, when we were remodeling our living room, we needed artwork over the mantel. We contacted Roxane to ask if we could commission her calligraphy artwork for us. We decided that we needed two pieces.  We gave Roxane our color scheme and left the rest up to her. She took on the project and ran with it. We could not have been happier. When the artwork arrived, all we had to do was hang them. The two pieces represent love and happiness, two things our family values. The artwork is the centerpiece of the room and a topic of conversation, as we tell our friends and family the history behind it. To us personally, it is a reminder of our time in Tokyo and our continuing friendship with the artist, Roxane Simon.

John and Marie M.
Rye Brook, New York

jacques and fre We love your “Love”! What a beautiful piece! Sooo much creativity & talent. Jacques and I appreciate that you took the time to make our Love for each other remembered forever on a perfectly framed Work of Art with our names crossed! Genius! Again thank you for sharing your inspiration of Love and going the extra mile for us!

Jacques and Fernand
Laguna Beach, CA.

jacques and fre While my husband and I were in the midst of purchasing a new home, we discovered our home-to-be had a name, Villa Esperanza.  "House of Hope."  Now, that was very special to me. You see, I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We asked Roxane, if she would design something meaningful for us.  We all quickly decided it would be the calligraphy for House of Hope.  It seemed very apropos!  Roxane created two separate calligraphy artworks,  "House" and "Hope."  They are so beautiful and calming!  Everyday of my recovery, I stood in front of the paintings soaking-up their positive energy, as well as, their positive message.  To this day, their beauty and message humbles me!  Roxane is a true Master Calligraphy Artist!

Jeff and Christine M.
Paradise Valley, AZ.

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