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Custom Chinese Calligraphy by Kakubei

Custom designed Chinese Calligraphy created by Master Calligrapher Roxane Meilin Chock-Simon is a unique gift to celebrate special occasions. Immortalize your wedding, anniversaries, birth of your children, milestone birthdays and all your momentous life events in a custom designed art piece..

Allow me, a
Chinese Master Calligrapher and graphic designer, to collaborate with you and create an art piece that will reflect your individual taste and personal style. Exquisite rice papers that are themselves works of art will enhance the custom designed Chinese character that will convey your special message.

Get Started Here:
Browse through the Galleries and peruse the photos of recent custom Chinese Calligraphy pieces that have been created for clients. Custom art pieces are created and framed in Tokyo and can be shipped all over the world. Click the links above or the tabs below to navigate through the Calligraphy photo Galleries.

Chinese Calligraphy Photos by Kakubei

custom chinese calligraphy photo custom chinese calligraphy pictures custom chinese calligraphy custom calligraphy
Circular Color Self Nothing

home in chinese calligraphy letters hope custom calligraphy photo fallandwinter custom calligraphy health custom chinese calligraphy
Home Hope Fall and Winter Spring and Summer

monkey chinese calligraphy phoenix phoenixcountryday rose chinese calligraphy
Monkey Phoenix Phoenix Country Day Rose

princetontiger run fall engagement custom calligraphy
Princeton Tiger Run Fall Engagement

custom chinese calligraphy artist